1.2. Installing from source

The source code for PyPop can be obtained here:

1.2.1. System requirements

  • Python 2.4 or later.

  • Numerical Python (Numeric) 24.0 or later (note that this is the old "Numeric" not the newer Numpy, on Fedora the package is known as python-numeric)

  • Simple Wrapper Interface Generator (SWIG): uses "development" version (should now be compatible with all recent SWIG versions: last tested against SWIG 1.3.31).

  • libxml2/libxslt including libxml2-python, a Python interface to the GNOME XML/XSLT parser (This is a fast C library-based parser. Most recent GNU/Linux distributions will install libxml2/libxslt as part of the base distribution, but you may need to install libxml2-python and libxslt-python separately).

    (Untested recently: 4Suite a pure Python XML/XSLT parsing engine.)

  • The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) On Fedora you will want to install the gsl-devel package.

1.2.2. Installation

Before starting, you must ensure you have installed all the system requirements listed above. In particular, make sure Python is installed correctly.

Unzip and untar the above tar ball. Build and install PyPop by changing into the PyPop-0.7.0 directory, and type:

python setup.py build
python setup.py install

If you need to do additional configuration (e.g. changing the base directory) please type python setup.py, or see the documentation for Distutils.

1.2.3. Test suite

None as yet.

1.2.4. Contributions, bug reports

Please send all bug reports and contributions to

1.2.5. Distribution structure

AUTHORS --      A list of people who have contributed.
emhaplofreq/ -- LD and haplotype estimation extension module
pval/ --        Modified code from R project for p-value calculation
slatkin-exact/  Slatkin's code for Ewens-Watterson exact test
gthwe/          Modified Guo and Thompson Hardy-Weinberg code
SWIG/ --        Helper code for SWIG for generating C-Python wrappers
xslt/ --        XSLT for generating text and other output from XML
COPYING --      License information for this package
MANIFEST.in --  Tells distutils what files to distribute
NEWS --         Release notes and news
README --       Information and TODO list.
INSTALL --      This file
setup.py --     Installation file.