4. Authors of software components


Alex Lancaster

Co-designer of Python framework: author of main engine, text file parser, Python extension module framework using SWIG, XML output and XSLT post-processing framework (to generate plain text and HTML output).

Mark P. Nelson

Co-designer of Python framework: implemented and maintained Python modules, particularly the module for Hardy-Weinberg analysis. Updated and maintained XSLT code.

Richard M. Single

Author of haplotype frequency and linkage disequilibrium analysis module "emhaplofreq", author of R programs to do further statistical analysis and generate graphs and figures in PostScript.

Diogo Meyer

Contributed further statistical analysis code for the R programs.

Owen Solberg

Implemented filter modules, including conversion to allele name information to sequence data.

Yingssu Tsai

Implemented prototype of the allele names to sequence conversion filter module.

Glenys Thomson

Principal investigator and project lead.

Third-party modules


The Hardy-Weinberg "exact test" implementation is a modified version of Guo & Thompson's 1992 code. Dr. Sun-Wei Guo has kindly allowed us to release the code under the GNU General Public License. Original code available at http://www.stat.washington.edu/thompson/Genepi/Hardy.shtml.


Montgomery Slatkin's implementation of a Monte Carlo approximation of the Ewens-Watterson exact test of neutrality (Slatkin 1994, Slatkin 1996). Original code can be found at: http://ib.berkeley.edu/labs/slatkin/monty/Ewens_exact.program.


The code in the 'pval' directory (with the exception of 'pval.c' the SWIG wrapper, 'pval_wrap.i' and the Makefile) is part of the R project's 'nmath' numerical library http://www.r-project.org/ and is also licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Minor modifications have been made to allow the module to build correctly.